Adult Foil Body Blanket - Pack 10

(£16.68 inc. VAT)

Wherever cold weather poses a threat reflecting almost all radiated body heat produced back to the patient

Manufactures from Kelvalite - an ultra-insulating material and coated on both sides with a special heat-reflective metallic surface

The inner coating reflects the vast majority of radiated body heat warming the patient in a natural and progressive fashion

Outer Coating - The outer layer forms an impermeable barrier to rain and wind as well as reducing heat loss caused by evaporation

Highly Visible - In rescue situations the blanket is also highly visible as well as being radar reflective

Hermetically sealed in polythene for hygiene and maximum shelf life (they last approximately 4 years stored in dry conditions) weighs just 2oz (60g) and about the size of a pack of playing cards fitting easily into a pocket bag purse or car glove box

When opened out the blanket measures over 7 x 5 feet (215cm x 150cm)

Available in pack 10