Amber Uniflash Lamp - no photocell

(£37.14 inc. VAT)

UniFLASH 6 volt High Intensity Strobe Single Battery Hazard Warning Lamp

The UniFLASH is a single battery operated strobe high intensity hazard warning lamp designed and manufactured to provide a highly visible warning

The lamp is manufactured as a 60 flashes per minute unit with a 360°

Optional photocell control for dawn/dusk switching is available

Mounting Options: The UniFLASH is supplied with the following mounting options as standard equipment: 

Fixing bolt for securing to barrier systems etc

Loop for cable tie or similar to permanently attach lamp to post etc

Integral cone mounting bracket which folds down and is clipped to lamp body. An additional steel mounting bracket may also be fitted if requested. 3143: Part 2 :1990 

The lamp operates at 6 volts and draws a current consumption of 135 mA.

The lamp body is made of high impact000 candelas. Electronics are manufactured using high grade components to ensure reliable service in all conditions the circuit assembly being coated with a clear conformal shield.

Each circuit is fully 'soak' tested for 24 hours at a 55°C ambient temperature