Amber Lights

Mobile LED sequential Hazard Set

One set consists of five Amber LED sychronised guide lights in a combined transport and charging case with charging cable for use with in-car power outlet

Each light measures 100 x 90 x 25mm

£307.00 (£368.40 inc. VAT)

Holding Tray for LED B-LITE

This unit will hold up to 5 Lamps.

£71.10 (£85.32 inc. VAT)

Amber Emergency Lamp

£17.93 (£21.52 inc. VAT)
Ecolite- Amber flashing lamp no photocell
£4.20 (£5.04 inc. VAT)
Amber Trafi-B Lite Synchro and Backlight
£74.51 (£89.41 inc. VAT)

Flashing High Intensity LED Hazard Warning Lamp (uni-directional)

Outstanding performance using a single super bright LED

Operates with rechargeable batteries supplied within the lamp

Computer designed high-clarity polycarbonate uni-directional lens

Concealed on/off switch to facilitate simple

£95.50 (£114.60 inc. VAT)

The Pro-B Lite Lamps are recharged using the ProBASE 5 combination recharge/storage unit either way round into the charging unit and charging begins automatically

The recharge circuits in the beacons include a L.E.D. charge in progress indicator 

It is not possible to overcharge the Lamps

Up to eight hours of continuous use can be gained from a single charge. 

£94.20 (£113.04 inc. VAT)
Amber Uniflash Lamp
£30.95 (£37.14 inc. VAT)

Rechargeable LED hazard warning lights


9 modes including: flashing rotating and SOS

16 Coloured LEDs offering 360° illumination and signalling

Operating for 5 - 60 hours per charge

Shock resistant housing able to withstand most vehicle weights

Waterproof pods can be submerged to a depth of 10m

Essential safety equipment for all emergency vehicles

Professional alternative to conventional Hi-Vis triangles

Installed with a strong magnetic base

Charged directly in the storage case

Supplied with: storage case mains and vehicle chargers  

Please contact for details of BlueGreen Red or Infrared versions

Set of 5 in rechargable case

£136.95 (£164.34 inc. VAT)

Amber LED single battery lamp

Using a twin LED illumination source for maximum brightness at minimum power usage the LEDaLITE will operate for nearly 450 hours when flashing mode is selected.

If the steady mode is used the battery will last over 5 days of continuous operation

Includes bracket

£12.48 (£14.98 inc. VAT)
Amber synchronised cone light Takes 6v battery Automatically turns on when placed on cone Suitable for cones 750mm and higher
£59.80 (£71.76 inc. VAT)

Amber UniLamp, flashing with Photocell Non Xenon

£9.63 (£11.56 inc. VAT)