Longer Life Air Alkaline Battery

(£8.99 inc. VAT)

Air Alkaline batteries involve a unique process which enables the battery to last longer than conventional alkaline types. They are more cost effective than standard zinc carbon batteries.

Air Alkaline batteries give an almost constant controlled voltage throughout their life. This means site Lamps will perform to their optimum capability for a much longer period than is possible for ordinary batteries. 

These factors combine to mean less maintenance and supervision with an increase in confidence. Less frequent battery changing means overall greater on-site safety.

25 AmpH.

They also maintain high output under low temperatures down to minus 20°C therefore especially useful now that local authorities are under pressure to decrease their levels of toxic waste production and this type of battery are cheaper to dispose of.

Each cell is inidually voltage tested primary life tested and final tested.

Air Alkaline batteries have a two year shelf life. 

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