100m heavy duty fibre tape with Metric/Imperial graduations.

Conforms to EEC Class III Accuracy. 

Strong plastic case with folding winding handle 

£16.70 (£20.04 inc. VAT)

2 part plastic shovel

Handle detaches from scoop 

High visibility orange scoop for added awarness when used for traffic related applications

Made from high impact polypropylene

Resistant to shock

£20.40 (£24.48 inc. VAT)

Compact shovel with telescopic handle

Designed for easy storage as vehicle boot equipment

Easy twist grip operated fully extendable handle

£21.56 (£25.87 inc. VAT)

GRP telescopic broom

When extended pressure latch holds in place

Simple release for collaSing

Removeable brush head

Size closed: 98cm

Size open: 167cm

£21.40 (£25.68 inc. VAT)

Genuine American hickory handle with laser cut zig-zag grip

Polished faces.

Wooden wedged & twin steel wedges

Conforms to British Standard

£6.89 (£8.27 inc. VAT)
30m Hosepipe
£18.59 (£22.31 inc. VAT)
30m Open Reel Tape Measure
£7.99 (£9.59 inc. VAT)
50m Open Frame Surveyors Tape
£11.99 (£14.39 inc. VAT)
500mm Hand Sprayer
£0.90 (£1.08 inc. VAT)

Will cut hardened steel up to 40 HRC

High leverage compound action

Jaws hardend to 56-61 HRC

Chrome molybdenum

£12.71 (£15.25 inc. VAT)
300mm Hi-Viz Hacksaw
£2.04 (£2.45 inc. VAT)
600mm Bow Saw
£4.30 (£5.16 inc. VAT)
750mm Bow Saw
£7.92 (£9.50 inc. VAT)
450mm Wrecking Bar
£5.31 (£6.37 inc. VAT)
760mm Wrecking Bar
£8.75 (£10.50 inc. VAT)
750mm Samson Wrecking Bar
£10.49 (£12.59 inc. VAT)

Bike Sight

European Advance Warning Triangle

Complies fully with European legislation, highly visible both day and night

Compact and easily stored in the smallest of space

Lightweight and extremely stable

When deployed your crash helmet goes inside to hold secure

Compulsory in many E.U. countries, recommended in all

Be Safe, Be Seen, don't get caught without one

Designed by Bikers for Bikers

Pat. application number 0909455-8

When folded:

From top of triangle point the the bottom 28cm 

From bottom of triangle corner to the other corner 31cm

3cm depth

£19.50 (£23.40 inc. VAT)

Provides vital warning to other drivers and can help improve safety in emergency situations

Sturdy design single triangle with heavy duty leg supports

Height 390mm x Width 430mm

Easy storage compact and durable

Comes complete with plastic case for storage

Wind tunnel tested

£5.65 (£6.78 inc. VAT)